Careers for Life Program

Careers for Life is an employment program that provides military personnel, military spouses, dependents and veterans the opportunity to pursue civilian careers in the risk management and insurance industries. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in insurance agencies alone will grow by 21.9% between 2010-2020, creating 184,400 jobs.

Participants in the Careers for Life program are prepared for risk management and insurance employment through the premiere education, training and mentoring programs offered through The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. The program can be tailored to accommodate the schedules of active-duty military members, including those anticipating separation, as well as Reservists and National Guard members.

Participants may be eligible for Returning Student Scholarships, which provide financial assistance to deserving adults over the age of 23 who meet established criteria. Recipients can receive $500 for three semesters and application information is available through the university’s Center for Academic & Professional Development, which coordinates the Returning Student Scholarships program.

In addition, this program has been approved for veteran education benefits by the VA State Approving Agency.

The Florida State University College of Business has partnered with The National Alliance in the Careers for Life program, and additional information is available at Careers for Life or by calling 800-633-2165.