Veterans Creative Arts Workshop

Peace Paper Project

Transforming cloth to paper is a thoughtful and deliberate process that has been practiced for some 2,000 years. Historically, the creation of paper by hand was used to represent wealth, carry spirituality and convey messages.

A New York organization called Peace Paper Project uses hand papermaking to transform clothing of significance into works of art that express personal stories, mutual understanding and healing. Once the paper is made it becomes the foundation for expressive content in the form of hand-drawn images, text, photographs or prints. Participants do not need prior experience with these processes to take part in this means of telling their individual stories.

Peace Paper Project brought this therapeutic activity to Florida State several years ago for an arts therapy workshop with the university’s student veterans. The workshop was so well received the FSU Student Veterans Center decided to invest in its own papermaking equipment. These days, faculty and students from the university’s Art Therapy program conduct the veteran workshops, which are also open to other FSU students.

The workshops have since taken on the name “Julian’s Creative Arts Workshops” in honor of local service member Julian McMackin Woodall, who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

FSU Student veterans cut up uniforms to make art paper
FSU Student veterans transform their former uniforms into art canvases

Julian McMackin Woodall
Julian McMackin Woodall