Changes to Your Status

All changes made after your initial application or certification are forwarded to the DVA Regional Office and should be brought to the attention of the Student Veterans Center so the change can be reported.

Changes in status of dependents:

This applies to those students utilizing Vietnam Era GI Bill benefits and Vocational Rehabilitation. These groups of veterans receive an additional allowance for each dependent.



Changes can occur when:

  • A dependent child reaches the age of 18. If the dependent child is still in high school or is enrolled in college, the veteran may continue to receive an allowance for that child. This requires the veteran to complete and submit a 21-674 Form available through the Veterans Affairs Office.
  • A child is born. If this happens, you will need to submit a certified true copy of the child’s birth certificate immediately.
  • A divorce occurs. The veteran will need to submit a certified true copy of the divorce degree.
  • A dependent dies. The veteran will need to submit a certified true copy of the death certificate.
  • A veteran marries. You will need to submit a certified true copy of the marriage license.


Change in address:

If you should move during your enrollment at FSU, you will need to change your address with the VA Regional Office and the Student Veterans Center as well as the university. Changing your address with only one of these will not automatically change your address with the other. A change of address can be called into the VA Regional Office at 888-442-4551 or via the web at


Change in major:

Should you decide to change your major you should be aware there are school forms to complete. After you have changed your major with your academic dean, a signed major change form must be brought to the Student Veterans Center to complete the process in the university system.


Change in credit hours:

This occurs when you drop a class (es) or are dropped from a class (es) by the instructor. All drop/add slips should be brought to the Student Veterans Center for completion in the university system. Any changes in your schedule will potentially affect your monthly payments from the DVA and may result in an overpayment which would need to be repaid.


Withdrawal from school:

Should it become necessary for you to withdraw from all classes, you should contact the Student Veterans Center before doing so. There are many concerns you should be aware of before withdrawing completely. If you are called to active duty DO NOT go through the withdrawal office, please bring a copy of your orders to the Student Veterans Center.


Change in place of training:

Should you change your place of training it is necessary to complete a VA Form 22-1995 (Ch 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 1606 or 1607) or a VA Form 22-5495 (Ch 35 only). These forms are available at Be sure to check with the institution you are planning to transfer to for any detailed instructions. It is not necessary for you to notify Florida State University Student Veterans Center if you plan to transfer. Your certification will stop at the end of the current term certified.


FAILURE TO REPORT CHANGES constitutes fraud and is the primary cause for delays in the delivery of your educational checks and occurrences of overpayment. Changes may be reported to the Student Veterans Center in person or by FSU email. Periodic audits are conducted and changes in schedule are caught but it is ultimately student’s responsibility to report these changes before incurring an overpayment or possibly an underpayment.