Purple Heart Waiver

Purple Heart Waiver Form

Waiver for Recipients of Purple Heart or Superior Combat Decorations

Florida law provides a fee waiver to recipients of the Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence if the recipient is enrolling in the Florida college or state university system, and provided he or she meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Admitted as a full-time, part-time, or summer-school student in an undergraduate program of study leading to a degree or certificate;
  2. Is currently, and was at the time of the military action that resulted in the awarding of the Purple Heart or other superior combat decoration, a resident of Florida; and
  3. Submits to the community college or university the DD-214 form, issued at the time of separation from service, as documentation that he or she has received a Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence.


This waiver is applicable for 110 percent of the number of required credit hours of the degree or certificate program for which the student is enrolled.



 The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs has indicated that the combat decorations that would qualify students for the provisions of this waiver include:

  • Purple Heart
  • Bronze Star (must be “V” designation or device)
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Legion of Merit (must be “V” designation or device)
  • Silver Star
  • Air Force Cross
  • Navy Cross
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Medal of Honor

The burden of proof is on the student to provide one of the following documents evidencing residency in Florida at the time of the military action that resulted in the awarding of the combat decoration:

  • DD-214 form, military separation document
  • DD-2058 form, military state of legal residence certificate
  • Leave and Earning Statement (LES) or the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
  • Form 702, which specifies place of residence
  • Letter or affidavit from the military administrative office verifying residence at the time of combat
  • One or more state or federal documents evidencing legal ties to Florida (e.g., homestead exemption, driver’s license, vehicle registration).

The student must meet the requirements of residency for tuition purposes specified in section (s.) 1009.21, F.S., and Rule 6A-10.044, Florida Administrative Code.