Symbol for Florida State veterans initiatives gains recognition

Launched just a year ago, the Veterans Alliance arrowhead has already achieved widespread recognition as the symbol of Florida State’s comprehensive commitment to veterans.

The arrowhead being added this season to the back of the FSU football team’s helmets may best exemplify the symbol’s broad acceptance.

The idea for adding Veterans Alliance arrowheads to team uniforms originated with the FSU softball team and is now being considered by the women’s tennis team. The symbol also appears on banners around campus, including two hanging outward from Doak Campbell Stadium, while a large wooden rendition of the emblem hangs from a wall in the Student Veterans Center.

Awareness that the arrowhead symbolizes all things veteran at Florida State has also been heightened by an enormously popular lapel pin, which supporters of FSU veterans may request when they visit the Student Veterans Center in A4300 University Center.

“It’s definitely gratifying to see how quickly the campus community has become familiar with this emblem,” said Becky Culp, who managed the arrowhead’s design. “Even more uplifting, though, is to see how Florida State students, faculty and staff are embracing and supporting our military veterans.”

Culp worked closely with a local designer to create the Veterans Alliance arrowhead, and while pleased with how it turned out, she never imagined it would “go viral” in such a short amount of time.

“Our student veterans and their supporters have really taken to the arrowhead symbol,” said Billy Francis, director of the FSU Student Veterans Center. “And that recognition is helping to grow our programs for veteran success.”